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Petra Contrada is the CEO/Founder of the Thrive and Win Success Academy, the creator of the ”Vibrant Energy Accelerator” and "Jumpstart Your Impact Leadership".

She is an internationally renowned speaker, impact strategist, success mentor to leaders and a vibrational and intuitive energy specialist. As a mentor to heart-led leaders, Petra is passionate about helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs, heart-led leaders and business owners to step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary, because most don’t know how to lead with clarity, confidence and courage to make a difference. She is the guide for those who are ready to step into their power, to ‘Be the Change, to Thrive & Win’ in life & business.


Petra combines her tremendous experiences a 25-year international career in the corporate world and running multiple successful businesses with over four decades of spiritual awareness, vibrational energy healing exploration and studies. She possesses deep insight, vision and intuitive wisdom for life and business.  Petra has a lot to offer to people and her guidance becomes  invaluable and promotes success.


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Petra is truly passionate about helping others!  She has expert insight from her own experiences that lends to an inspirational and knowledgeable instructor and coach. 

Jill Z.

Body Awareness Coach

Petra Contrada and her expertise and presentation have been an inspiration. She walks her talk and I am very excited. Her confidence and clarity are very impressive

Kristen A.

Parenting Coach

Petra Contrada’s teaching was a turning point in my life. She really inspired me! My life has completely changed since then. I highly recommend her!

Francesca M.


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