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Your Guide to Thrive & Win in Life and Business




Holistic Success & Empowerment Mentor

Vibrational Energy Coach/Healer

International Speaker

Spiritual Teacher

It's kind of a big deal... we're only talking about your success here!!

I was born for this!...

All my life I have been on the journey to fulfill my soul purpose and divine mission. I have been very successful on the career ladder in the corporate world, traveling around the world and running a thriving business in the USA for over 20 years. For the last three decades, I have had the privilege of being very happily married to my spiritual teacher and partner and one of the most gifted healers I came across in my lifetime.

One can say I have seen it all, and yet for many years I was wearing blinders and was stuck on a treadmill that almost killed me. Finally, after I had maneuvered myself into being very overweight, overworked and overwhelmed, I received, “my calling”. Within a year I had changed my life and lifestyle completely, which resulted in losing 100 lbs, finding my true passions, and being much more aligned and clear on what I came into this life to accomplish.

Since then I founded the “Thrive and Win Success Academy”, for soul-inspired, purpose-driven business training and mentorship, and “Holistic Life Koncepts” offering tested, practical and proven Body, Soul and Spirit concepts for balance, abundance and a high quality-of-life.

My enormous life experience and deep spiritual journey have prepared me for my current mission to help others to be empowered, energized and healed. I am grateful to have been gifted with a rich life experience that has offered so many opportunities to achieve greater and greater self-mastery and spiritual awakening. This has led me to investigate and work with abundantly available energies to achieve greater fulfillment and joy.

"I have the vision to build a future where people consciously create their destiny and change the way they think, act and operate. Where the vast majority of individuals strive to live  the fact that we are sharing one united destiny and live and work toward the greater of humanity and the planet earth.''

Now I am dedicating my life to sharing the enormous treasures I have collected with others. But – only for those who truly desire to become greater, fulfilled, and abundant, and who will to Thrive and Win.

I was born for this! Are you, too?

I am following my calling!...

I exist to be a guide for you when you are ready for the journey to your true destiny and for creating a happy, healthy and successful life. I am here to help you to Thrive and Win on the front lines of life and business.  

Thrive and Win was born from my desire to fulfill my life purpose. After my own "divinely guided" life changing transformation I asked myself the question, "How can I live my life with meaning and purpose, doing what I truly love?" 

The answer was clear, my extraordinary and unique life and business story are my message and my mission. The sum of my skills, my experiences and training and my passion for spiritual and personal development prepared me for my next life chapter. 

It was time to apply my wisdom and have an IMPACT in the world for others and humanity. A new adventure has been added to my life. 

I am following my calling, Are you, too?

Meet the Rebell!...

Steve Jobs said: "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." 

I am one of these crazy rebels. People describe me as an infectious enthusiastic outgoing personality. My strength is to inspire, move and change people and organizations. My superpower is “Warming Radiance that stimulates Growth”. 

I don’t believe in the status quo and like to challenge old, outdated believes and ideas. It is time to break the rules and habits that hold us back and do what we want to do, not what people expect from us.

I am passionate about making people aware of their own power, self-confidence and believing in themselves. 

I am critical and dare to put my finger on the sensitive spot(s) and to address these.

It is time to take care of ourselves and our lives and commit to being and initiating the change we like to experience and manifest.

We must step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary to thrive and win in all we do!

"Only when we challenge the status quo and take the courage to commit to ourselves and pursue our life purpose, we will live a happy and fulfilled life."

"My Mission is to turn your personal suffering into a powerful force for healing and transformation. You can master your life. You can make the contribution you feel deep down you are destined to make -- at home, at work and in your community."

Are you ready for your calling!...

You...long for more than a life of unfulfilling work and material possession accumulation?

...wish to break away from blind conformity, outdated institutions, unnecessary customs, and the overall status quo, personally and professionally.

...want to make an impact and have a Vision, yet, you don't know how to bring it to life.

...feel it and know that is time for change!

I am here and if you choose to, your guide on your journey.

You can easily identify yourself with me. I have experienced conscious and spiritual growth, overcame obstacles and faced personal and business challenges. 

People and situations come into your life for a reason, to teach you life lessons you can be grateful for. Change starts within yourself; together we can connect and irradiate each other with positivity to create a better world.

For me it is very important to establish a connection with you and amongst each other. To understand each other, to share a tear and to laugh.

Let yourself be surprised and have fun!

Yes, I am READY! Show Me How.
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Are You Ready For

Your Calling?

As your empowerment and success mentor, I will guide you on the path to a balanced , spiritual, energetic and abundant leader, so you can fulfill your purpose and mission and be free from the limitations and hold backs you may be living in. 

Yes, I am READY for my calling!
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The WHY - What inspired me to turn my life completely...

When the world seemed to be in order!...

"At age 56 to the outer world everything looked fine. A loving marriage and a successful 6+ figure business. 

It all seemed to be going well..."

...but it din't.

Believe me, I was so ready for CHANGE...

Hello, I'm Petra Contrada.

Life happens in cycles, we go through up's when everything is going well and smooth and then we go through, let's call them stagnant phases, where things are not going as planned and expected. 

At age 56 to the outer world everything looked fine. A loving marriage and a successful 6+ figure business.It all seemed to be going well...

...Yet I found myself in an extremely difficult phase and I realized that I was totally overwhelmed, overworked and overweight and not so happy anymore. My life was not heading into the right direction, I was not fulfilling my destiny and missing passion, deeper meaning and purpose. 

I have to admit that I had neglected many things that I had previously learned and implemented in my extensive professional and spiritual life. I knew better than to let myself drift this far off course. But somehow, I had. Yes, I am human, too, and you probably can relate. I had also foolishly closed my ears to my most trusted advisors, particularly to the advice my dear husband had to offer. 

...My daily existence had become one that seemed purely to revolve around work and paying the bills and fulfilling our everyday wants and needs...

The negative results were obvious...

I am sure you are not surprised to hear that I became seriously ill and no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. When I looked into the mirror, I did not recognize the woman I had become.

What I realized was that I had slipped into a spiral of wrong mindset, bad habits and false beliefs and now paid the price. I had maneuvered myself into a 'Hamster Wheel'.

How did I get to this point?

How did I let it come this far?

Does some of this sound familiar to you?

What I wanted was getting my health back and my life back...

Have you ever felt that things couldn’t go on any longer, and that you have almost wanted to give up? 

I knew this could NOT go on any longer.

Yes, I was at that point. Then, one afternoon when I was feeling physically and mentally very weak and hopeless, and drowning in sorrow for myself, I decided to do what my husband had been recommending for quite some time, namely, to resume my meditation practices. He was convinced I would gain my mental and spiritual strength back. I had stopped meditation because I thought I was too busy, too ill, or subject to any one of a number of other excuses.

Very soon after I followed his suggestions something quite unexpected happened.

One afternoon, while meditating, I must have sunken into a deep dose, when I suddenly woke up startled, hearing a sonore voice speaking to me, commanding me to get up and BE THE CHANGE I wanted to see in my life.

Remembering back, I still feel chills running down my back - but I got the call. I listened and what I heard launched me right up, getting into action.

I did not stop there...

I continued listening, created a road map to my new destiny and it


I knew that something fundamental had happened. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and thinking about all my problems,

I started to take ACTION

...within one year I turned my life around completely!

It resulted in:

Losing 100 lbs.

Finding my true passion.

Being much more aligned and clear

on what I came into this life to accomplish.

Since then I founded the

“Thrive and Win Success Academy”

For soul-inspired, purpose-driven business training and mentorship for soul-driven leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers.


“Holistic Life Koncepts"

Offering tested, practical and proven Body, Soul and Spirit concepts for balance, abundance and a high quality-of-life.

Discoveries That Changed Everything

After my 'new awakening' I continued listening and started out by examined my vast toolbox of past experiences.

Looking back at my life, I realized, that I was already an expert for transformation and empowerment in many ways. For god sakes, I had quite an interesting life already. I grew up in Germany and lived some years in Egypt before I entered in a successful corporate career in sales, marketing and training development that lasted more than two decades. 

In my international positions I traveled around the world, living the good life, then moved and worked in New York. I was very happily married since 20 years with the love of my life and together we raised our lovely daughter. Now I was successfully running my own businesses for more than 17 years.  

As a curious student of life and through my business experience, travels, teaching's and coaching's, I had gained lot's of knowledge and insights. Adding about 4 decades of spiritual and personal development, it was time to apply my wisdom and to create a new destiny...

...and so I followed my passion and the rest is history!

My life changed in numerous ways,

but will your's too?...

What made my transformational shift so rewarding and lasting was the realization that there are different angles and elements, do's and do not's in this process, that if you apply what fits for your individual design, you can and will prevail.

My success was eminent - I started to Thrive & Win on the front lines of life and business. 

Since then I had the privilege to work with many clients and students. All of them can share their own stories of change, empowerment and success.


...so can you too!

Yes, I want to Thrive & Win!
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What Petra's Clients and Students Say

Those who worked and studied with Petra give their praise. Read below what they have to say:

Petra is a fantastic coach, leader, and course facilitator. She shares her wisdom with love and creates joy and laughter. She has that unexplainable magnetism that made me listen to her and learn from her with an open heart and mind. Trust me when I say that Petra Contrada is a unique spiritual teacher and change agent who can help you optimise your impact as a leader in this world.


If you are looking for a laser-focused step by step system to raise your consciousness and to create greater impact through your leadership, this course is for you. With Petra as your Impact Mentor, I recommend you take advantage of attending this high quality, comprehensive course, which includes generously added value bonuses. You will not regret your decision.


Petra is very invested in the wellbeing and growth of her clients, and she goes above and beyond to help clients get through their mental blocks so they can continue moving forward. If you’re looking for a different program- one that isn’t a mirror image of everything you’ve already taken- this is the course to check out. Give Petra a call- one call can change your world.


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It's kind of a big deal... we're only talking about your success here!!